NYLON guys : a magazine review

Title : NYLON guysnyloncover

Tagline : not for girls (srsly? people are still doing this?)

Issue : march 2013

Price : four English pounds and ten pence – coag import

Cover : busy. picture of some I vaguely recognise with lots of text. nice colour scheme

Shelf appeal : stood out, for the wrong reasons, in sea of central European mags (see Cover)

Layout and Design : there’s an awful lot going on but it’s all packed in without looking too cluttered. Even text-heavy pages leave a nice amount of breathing space around articles.  Good use of images to counteract blocks of text.  Looks like a zine you’d find in an independent clothes store.  Very nice typography.

Content : again, there’s an awful lot going on.  This makes for varied content but few features are longer than a page, let alone a two.  Longest feature, cover story, is eight pages long. One of which is a title page and four are full page photos.  The short length leaves content feeling shallow.

Best Feature : fashion pages are really laid laid out and exemplify the magazine’s ability to cram in content without looking too forced.  Choices seem as influenced by street style as much as ‘higher’ sources.  Makes for a nice change as a younger reader not interested in suiting and watches.

Best feature : short articles make it a good choice for tube/train journeys and waiting rooms.  Great for a (fairly) casual read.

Worst feature : short articles make it a bad choice if you really want in-depth coverage of, well, anything.  Also, it’s American, which isn’t its fault, but means most of the clothing they recommend isn’t available as a UK reader. Oh and the tagline is terrible.  I can’t work out if they’re being ironic or if that would even make it any better.

Rating : three and half ‘men only’ crowns


a month of mugshots

A few years back I went through a phase of taking a photo a day.  After a few months it seemed pretty easy, and boring, so I started to add a theme to make it more interesting and more of a challenge.  This ended up with my taking (almost) a month’s worth of photos of my friends with their face obscured with various personal items, or mugshots (the ‘joke’ being the last photo would include a mug). 

Inspired by a recent mashable post on much of the same topic I’ve decided to share my favourites here.  Keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer by any means and this was before my iPhone and Photoshop days.  This means the pictures were shot with a potato and destructively ‘edited’ in iPhoto.  Still pretty pleased with the idea and composition of most of them though.  In the tradition of making up useless words to describe things that don’t need name, I call them #selflessies. I quite like that the photos act like a weird sort of time capsule.

Anyway, picture grid yadda yadda yadda


parallel lines // parallel lives

It was around this time last year* I was diagnosed with Leukemia and admitted to hospital for the bulk of the year.   Luckily my treatment and transplant went well and I’m feeling better than ever (probably).  I went into remission just before Christmas and, everything crossed, I’m well on my way to full health.  The timing has made my trips to the hospital this week for Macmillan sponsored meditation classes quite strange.  For the first time in a year I went to the hospital that I called home for a year, and the best bit, walked back out and got the train home.  What a difference a cliche makes etc etc

Waiting for the train I got to thinking (I had to wait quite a while) about how strange it was to be in that position.  On the outside looking in for once.  An amazing, and opposite, situation to how I spent the last year watching the trains come and go from my window.  For some reason (I really was waiting a long time) the train stop seemed like the perfect place to think about all this.  The yellow ‘do not cross’ lines mirrored in the hospitals vertical lines.  Trains briefly meeting and heading in the opposite direction.  Crossing over points or something.  Meditation does strange things to your head.  Anyway, I generally find road railway stops pretty visually appealing, strong lines, urban grit and all that.  That can mean only one thing – PICTURE GRID

lines*first biopsy on the 28th March and admitted on the 5th April for fact fans

nouvelle vague

I try not to be be mean, honestly, I do, especially when it comes to magazines.  I like them too much to focus on the negative and it seems a bit silly/bridge burning-y seeing as I hope to work in the industry.  That said I much prefer the Kermye (Kermit and Miss Piggy) spoof of the upcoming Vogue cover.  There was a whole heap of rumours swirling around about Kim Kardashian trying to get on the cover of Vogue and Anna Wintour being dead against it so when it finally happened it was kind of disappointing to see.  Not just because she finally made it to the cover but that the cover ended up being pretty dull. 

Overall seems like a business decision rather than a fashion/design one.  Makes sense I guess but still a little upsetting.


identity crisis

I’ve been watching much more of BBC4 recently (thank you Parks and Recreations, but why aren’t you on BBC3) and it’s come to my attention that it might have the best channel idents I’ve ever seen.  Given how good the Channel 4 idents are, that’s really saying something. All the idents share an identical format – a screen divided into quadrants (cos it’s BBC4, see?) but ordered out of sequence, or in a way you wouldn’t expect (because the channel is about new perspectives, see?).  Usually it’s impossible to tell what way the quadrants are connected and wouldn’t question the order they’re in until the action starts.

In some cases, well one, this leads to a story turned upside as an office argument turns into a Twilight Zone-esque interdimensional rift.  While the others still use the mixed up perspectives to mess with your mind a little it seems more about the visual, than narrative, effect.  Still pretty damn cool though.


spiderbaby, spiderbaby, does whatever a spider can

In anticipation of the upcoming EVIAN ad, including Spiderbaby no less, I’ve decided to dump a few of my favourites from the series here.  The very first EVIAN ad, rollerbabies, scared the bejeebus out of me but they’ve gone from strength to strength and I really love them. First though, check out the teaser below with chubby little Spiderbaby

There’s something just so French about them that appeals to me.  The music choices are always surprising but perfectly fitting though that could be a because I’m a fan of cheesy French electro-pop.  The casting is always spot-on too with a diverse, cosmopolitan feel.  The two most recent baby ads are definitely my favourite with the most recent getting bonus points for having a sister ‘behind-the-scenes’ video.  It’s actually really interesting how they put it together so check it out.  SPOILER ALERT : let’s say there is liberal use of green screens/suits and baby fat suits. I always though the babies were totally CGi’ed but clearly, I thought wrong.

baby inside


behind-the-scenes of baby&me

PS am I to assume there is also a new Spiderman movie soon? hoorah *deadpan face*

PPS I enjoy their irregular use of upper and lower case

PPS I really like post-scripts (and brackets)