make the road your runway

Japanese outfitters, En Route, have put a typically unconventional spin on the traditional runway for its latest campaign.  Sending its models out on the streets of Tokyo the brand relied on the public to snap the new line with their smartphones before uploading it to their site.  If your photos made the cut you’d be awarded a voucher to the tune of ¥1,000 (about £5.50-6) against the shop’s wares.  To claim your reward simply seek out the mysterious cashier men, the guy dressed like Daft Punk on casual Friday.

I would love to see a UK based company try something like this.  Near me too if that’s possible.  It’s a shame the only brand with the digital nous to pull this off is Burberry and there’s no way they’d do something so public and ultimately out of their control.  Maybe Topshop/man could pull it off but I won’t be holding my breath.

Only in Japan, eh?  Shine on you crazy diamond.

the top ten absolutely stonking BRITs performances

Last night while watching the X Factor I witnessed a terrible crime against both humanity and Chaka Khan.  A male youth with no distinguishing features and a guitar attempted to sing Chaka classic, Ain’t Nobody.  I was immediately reminded of the first rule of cover club, ain’t nobody but Liberty X and the Bedingflields should be touching Ain’t Nobody.  Next thing I knew memories of absolutely stonking BRITs performances came flooding to my mind.  Truth if ever it was needed that the BRITs can be amazing when James Corden’s not involved.

So here for your delectation, a list, in no particular order apart from the order I tweeted them last night, of the top ten absolutely stonking BRITs performances.

Absolutely stonking BRITs performance pt.1 The Bedingfields – Ain’t Nobody

why’s it stonking? coming in as the exception that proves the rule, The Bedingfields tore shit up and smashed shit down with their cover of Ain’t Nobody.  A strange mix of sibling rivalry and incestuous undertones make this an unforgettable performance.  Live strings and a Moroccan(?) interlude help ramp up the atmosphere.  Just plain stonking really.

Absolutely stonking BRITs performance pt.2 – Kylie – Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My

why’s it stonking? Blue Monday is a top quality New Order song and Can’t Get You Out of My Head, one of the few Kylie songs I can remember off the top of my head*, is also a bit of a banger.  I’d known about this mashup for quite a while because I am obviously better than you/have no life but this was the first time Kylie had really acknowledge it, let alone performed it.  Seeing it ‘live’ was every bit as good as I could have expected.

*the other two are The Locomotion and Slow

Absolutely stonking BRITs performance pt.3 – Florence + Dizzee Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love

why’s it stonking? Florence and Dizzee are both pretty stonking at the best of times so adding them together was always going to be great.  You Got The Love is a floor filler and karaoke classic and Dirtee Love is, well a song but it’s amazing how well they go together.  Florence is at her best singing sweeping, soaring whale song-esque notes so add Dizzee rapping over that and you’ve got a winner.


cornplètement fou

Just a quick one to draw your attention to the greatest corn based music video of all time.  It’s the work of painfully un(der)appreciated pop artiste, YELLE, who falls into one of those ‘she’ or ‘they’ confusions that isn’t going to be solved today. 

The video sees lead singer Julie Budet aka YELLE prance about a tumblr inspired set, giant corn cob et al, while a series of men vogue around her.  It’s all incredibly French, incredibly fashion and absolutely a-maize-ing.  It’s packed with scenes that make for perfect stills that look lifted straight from the pages of an obscure fashion magazine you’ve never even heard of.  There would be even more if so much of the action weren’t so blurrily fast.

So without further corn puns* here’s the video in all it’s glory with a few picture grids of my favourite moments.


BONUS – if you like this, and stripes, then you’ll love YELLE’s Ce Jeu video in all it’s 240p finery.  promise.  And if you ever doubted YELLE’s cool factor check out her/their cover of Robyn’s Who’s That Girl? as part of iTunes foreign exchange and Robyn’s cover of A Cause de Garcons.

who lives in a house like this?

Of all the new and exciting side effects* of recovering from cancer moving back home has been the strangest to deal with.  I’ve had the luck of moving into my childhood bedroom, single bed et al, but I figure it’s all good practice for living in a shipping container.  In a rare fit of energy, and inspired by this web series, I decided to ‘adult’ up my room a bit.  Just a bit though, my inner child is a big part of me and I’d like to keep it that way.  I think he has a pituitary gland problem or something. 

That was ten+ weeks ago and a cold and fatigue has meant I’ve not done much.  To be honest, I’m not going to be able to do much anyway. The furniture only really fits in one configuration, but I’m trying to create the illusion of doing something.  I painted some stripes/chevrons on the furniture, got some new comedy sized nobs and added and subtracted to the number of things on the walls.  Most importantly I got a SNES which really classes the place up.  After much deliberating I donated this awesome coat rack to my sister to create some floor space.  I really love it but giving it away means there’s enough room to do a limited range of yoga poses.

Blurry, badly shopped together before and after pictures for your judgement.



*In case you were wondering the best side effects of recovering from cancer are being alive/not having cancer anymore and having an amazing guilt trip/sob story to abuse.  Watch out employers, I’m coming for you!  The worst has to be the high volume of vomiting which is bad, and gross, enough in its self but has caused my teeth to ‘melt’ and left me with the mouth of a drug addict (dentist’s words not mine). But hey, every cloud.

KLM goes to the dogs

A dog, a beagle no less, trained to sniff out the owners of valuables left on planes?  That’s got to be fake, right?

I want to believe this so hard it’s unreal but I’m too blinded by cuteness to be objective.  It seems believable, or at least possible, service dogs can do more or less anything these days so why not this?   The only thing that makes me question its veracity, and I’m not joking here, is that it’s too good to be true.  It says a lot, maybe too much, about me that the first thing I doubted was the claim that they monitor social media to help return lost items.

Whether it’s true or not, it’s an amazing idea and it’s created a lot of positive attention for KLM (though I’m waiting for the animals rights backlash).  The video is really nicely shot and edited too with some excellent shots of the beagle in question.  So move over Snoopy, there’s a new top beagle in town*.

sherlock* yeh, Snoopy’s a beagle. go figure

UPDATE : KLM have announced it’s fake and my heart is broken into a million pieces

here Kerms The (Irish) Sun

Hot off the press and hot on the heels of last week’s coverage more of my snaps of everyone’s favourite frog have made it into The Irish Sun.  Bizarre and amazing in equal measure they aren’t from Kerm Does The Covers but the older Photo A Day of Kermit in May which finished in, you guessed it, May.  Either way I’m very pleased.  Can’t exactly turn my nose up at printed press coverage, can I?

tl;dr A Photo a Day of Kermit in May in The Irish Sun, in September