an open letter letter to Pixar

OR why Cars is the worst Pixar movie and I will never watch Cars 2 (unless under severe duress).  Also, you ruined my adulthood.

Dear Pixar,

You trippin’?  Seriously though, you trippin’?  You must know that the eyes in Cars (and Cars 2) are wrong but you did it anyway.  It’s one thing to be innovative but it’s another thing to be incorrect and completely fly in the face of EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED.  It doesn’t make sense at all.  What were you thinking?  It’s even worse in Cars 2 because you had time to change it but you didn’t.  Well it won’t fly with me Pixar, I’m on to you.  I will not rest until I am tired or bored of this rant.

And another thing, why are all your DVDs so bloody expensive?  Yeh, they’re great and everything but A Bug’s Life is still fifteen quid and that shit is old.  I can kind of understand why Toy Story (1 and 2) are still expensive because, well, they’re awesome and Toy Story 3 drove interest up again.  I get it, I see what you did, you’re businessmen (and women) and everything but c’mon, you’re fucking with me.



PS Monsters University sounds amazing.  I’m really excited.

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