the fourth post of christmas

ok, so another fairly abstract Christmas post but I hope you like.  I have to start by saying this is in no way a sponsored post.  I wish, but no.  So without further ado I give you: Top(man) Five Christmas Sweaters!

5) Charcoal Pattern Jumper – £40 

This is probably most the most ‘traditional’ jumper on the list.  As much as I do like a good Christmas jumper I’ve reached saturation point already this year.  Primark has jumpe(er)ed on the bandwagon in a big way this year so if you’re planning on wearing a Christmas sweater and looking any way individual you can give up on that.

4) Pattern Jacquard Sweatshirt – £28

This choice is by far the least traditional and wouldn’t even be considered a seasonal sweater by many.  I rate it.   Firstly, it’s got that sort of gaudy over the top thing Christmas jumpers go for which is the very reason it’s here.  Secondly, I can’t really imagine many people wearing it, let alone pulling it off.  It’s a bold choice but worth the risk.

3) Navy Pattern Yoke Jumper – £30

This jumper is an amazing compromise on the previous too entries so gains its place above them.  It’s got the wear-ability of choice number five with the twist of number four.  I particularly like the unpatterned hems and cuffs and it’s a fair price point.  Be prepared to see other people wearing this.  Be prepared to look better in it.

2) Teal Polar Bear Jumper – £38

We’re now well and truly into ironic jumper land.  I probably wouldn’t wear this myself but it’s only available in XS now so I’m in the minority.  I’ve never seen a polar bear sweater before which is a large part of the appeal.  It’s also a really interesting colourway so you’re unlikely to see anyone in anything like this (unless they’re wearing the same jumper).

1) Blue Deer Print Sweatshirt – £28

No other jumper stood a chance;  this was always going to win.  Again, not strictly a Christmas jumper but you can wing it.  Not only is it it on the top of this list but it’s right at the top of the Wishlist I sent Santa/my lovely, lovely mother last night.  I plan on wearing this jumper to death.  Let’s see if me or the jumper ‘die’ first.  Peace.

all images and items from topman.  all images and items awesome.

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